We find and report illegal and contract-breaking short-term rentals.

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The Landscape

Short-term rentals have been growing in popularity as one of the pillars of the sharing economy. Most of these listings are on the up and up — a way for honest tenants to make a little extra money renting out their homes during popular local events or when they are away traveling. However, a growing number of rental properties are being turned into illegal commercial ventures: 24/7 short-term rentals managed by third-parties who don’t actually live there and never plan to.

Unchecked, this situation can lead to a revolving door of people in your complex who you didn’t vet and who may have little or no respect for the property and those who actually live there. Growing evidence suggests that tenants adjacent to these units are more likely to leave when their lease expires due to constant noise and unpredictability of their “neighbors.”

At their most insidious, short-term rentals have been linked to drugs, bed bugs, prostitution, pornography and other crimes that could be happening right now on your property.

With little to no enforceable regulation of the short-term-rental economy currently in existence, you need an ally to help you take back control of your properties — to protect your investment and preserve the peace for valued, legitimate tenants.

Enter BNB Shield.

Our Proven Process

Mapping Overlay Technology

We use a combination of proprietary and publicly available mapping tools to identify all of the culprits within your properties.

Image and Anti-hacked Image Search Comparisons

For contract breakers who use deceptive practices to hide their listings; including reversing images, shading, and borrowing; we deploy sophisticated imaging tools that inherit the view of what your building looks like and match several permutations of all images for each listing.

Manual Checks

We manually check our work to make sure we’ve identified all of your contract breakers and to safeguard that each claim is valid and worthy of taking action.

Rigorous Reporting to Clients

You'll receive a monthly update with a list of names and addresses for contract breakers within your properties. Our premium service includes real-time support and information.