Austin City Limits: Protecting Travelers from Illegal Rentals

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Austin City Limits: Protecting Travelers from Illegal Rentals

According to the AirBNB Website there are more than 1000 homes available for rent during Austin City Limits.

When applying the filter “apartment” more than 300 options are presented. Seventeen pages of yet-to-be booked rentals.

As of 7/11 269 condos were listed.

And based on city Ordinance No. 20160223-A.l that is at least 569 homes that are being illegally rented. Rentals that have not been inspected, permitted, or insured. Not to mention violating leases and HOA rules.

This isn’t even looking at options or data from HomeAway, Vacasa, VRBO or Craigslist.

Or the number of licensed vacation rentals per neighborhood indicated by the census cap.

With shows happening September 30 through October 2, and the following weekend of October 7th through 9th, it is common to have visitors stay throughout the week and explore the city.

Let’s just focus on the evenings of ACL. Six nights.

6x569= 3,414
At double occupancy that is, 6,828 people.
Nearly 7,000 opportunities. Opportunities for travelers to have a negative experience in Austin, TX.

This could mean the city, landlord or property management firm evicting or fining the tenant prior to Austin City Limits, leaving the traveler in the lurch and scrambling for housing.

It could mean a visitor dealing with an eviction notice the weekend of, or even a possible eviction.

A building could restrict access to the building, literally leaving the traveler out in the cold.

These are all legal, reasonable and common solutions for those managing illegal and contract-breaking short-term rentals.

This is not the impression or experience anyone wants travelers to have when visiting our city.

How does one get in front of this challenge, while still managing the issue and maintaining the community promised to tenants??

Start shielding your property today! BNB Shield uses data, photo recognition technology, and individual screening to identify contract-breaking and illegal vacation rentals. Shield your property today before those 569 homes are booked.