I think my neighbor has an illegal vacation rental

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I think my neighbor has an illegal vacation rental

Lots of new faces. Weeknight parties. Four voices coming from a two-bedroom apartment. Never seeing that aloof neighbor you met last April when they moved an entire Ikea showroom in.

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like your neighbor? Are you wondering if, maybe, just maybe, they are renting out their place for those vacationing in your fair city? Is this frustrating because of the noise levels? Are you feeling endangered, and worry that the people coming in and out have not been vetted? Is it just something you want to know?

There are several things you can do if you feel your neighbor is renting their home on AirBNB, VRBO, Vacasa, or any other short-term rental platform.

Apartment or Condo

Look at your lease or HOA agreement. Find out if your building authorizes short-term rentals. If it is clear this is against the rules it is pretty easy to go to the property manager. Be sure to have dates and information available. If the building does allow for vacation rentals you can still reach out to the property manager if noise or traffic is an issue. Clearly articulate how it is a disturbance or you feel it violates the contract and agreement you signed.


Maybe you don’t have a property manager to reach out to. You still have options. Many cities require hosts have permits and undergo inspections. Cities like NOLA even have online maps of permitted hotels and BNBs. Knowing city ordinance helps you understand what is and is not allowed.

Let BNBShield Help

Think your neighbor is illegally renting their place? Let us know! Email BNBShield at reports@bnbshield.com. We have a multi-pronged, data-heavy process in place, and your tips only make it stronger.