Short-Term Rentals Regulation in 10 US Cities

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Short-Term Rentals Regulation in 10 US Cities

Santa Fe, NM All short-term Rentals require a permit or registration dependent on zoning.  

Portland, OR The city requires short-term rentals have permits and undergo inspection.  

New York, NY NYS housing law states that Multiple Dwelling buildings are for permanent residents only. Law-makers are also moving forward with law banning the advertisement of illegal short-term rentals.  

Austin, TX The city allows for four different categories of short-term rentals, caps the number of permits, requires insurance and occupancy certificates.  

Miami, FL The city has strict zoning districts, many which prohibit vacation and short-term rentals in all single-family and a majority of multi-family housing buildings. Listings must be approved by the city.  

New Orleans, LA The city has strict zoning and licensing regulations - especially within the French Quarter. Those looking to rent their home as a short-term rental must apply for the correct permits and pay sales and hotel occupancy taxes. The city maintains an active database of legal rentals.  

San Francisco, CA The city requires a detailed in person application process and has strict rules for permanent occupants. Permanent occupants must reside in the home being rented for a minimum of 275 nights in a calendar year, and must live in the unit for at least 60 consecutive days prior to applying.  

Seattle, WA Regulations and limitations exist on both a city and state level.  

Santa Barbara, CA The city has strict zoning regulations for short-term rentals and home sharing, and prohibits all short-term rentals unless properly permitted. The city actively enforces these regulations.  

Denver, CO Short-term rentals are currently legal, but the city government is moving forward with law to ban STRs.