Property Managers: Stop the problem before it begins

Property Managers: Stop the problem before it begins

We all know that it is a lot easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. It is much easier to lose 5-pounds than twenty. That preventative medicine trumps actual medicine. 

So why let short-term rental issues slip through the cracks? Why deal with property damage, tenant complaints and the true expense of turning over a unit? Why spend the time dig up up evidence and fighting a tenant who's been violating their lease for months? Why spend the entire summer monitoring vacationers in the building? Stop the problem before Memorial Day!

By utilizing BNB Shield your team and property is strengthened knowing each and every platform for short-term rentals is being monitored. We are your first line of defense. This saves time, money and headaches. BNB Shield helps keep your property healthy.

A shielded property is able to avoid renters disturbing other other tenants, wear-and-tear on the building, or being forced to prove that a tenant's loud and rowdy visitor wasn't in-fact their 4th cousin. 

A listing is a violation. Keep your property healthy and make BNB Shield part of your team.